Angry Little Asian Girl

Lela Lee

Why isn't #ElectionDay a national holiday?

Well, the #election didn't go the way I'd hoped. But instead of ranting about the results, I'd like to rant about the way we do it. I think the way we vote is a bit wonky. The electoral college voting system is really archaic to me. I think the popular vote should be the real vote. But who knows if that will be removed. But one thing about Election Day and voting that I wondered about, is why is it not a national holiday? We should make it a national holiday so that everyone has the day off to vote. Friends told me that there were long lines and that some of them had to leave the line because they had to be at work on time or they had to get the kids and make dinner... I wish Election Day would be a holiday. It's soooooo important and it would really help voter turnout. And plus, who doesn't like a day off?