Angry Little Asian Girl

I Hate People

AANHPI, comicsLela Lee

I drew this comic strip in 2002. My mom had called me to yell, nag or guilt trip me for something. I don't actually remember what she yelled at me for. But I do remember the feeling I got after I hung up the phone. I was exhausted and exasperated. And a simple thought came into my head, "I hate people." The phone was next to my desk and drawing table, which was crammed into a corner of the one-bedroom apartment I shared with my sister. So since I was already sitting at my desk and full of icky feelings, I did what I always did when I was full of angst. I drew. I drew what I felt and this comic strip was the result.

I didn't think it would strike such a nerve. But it did. My bag licensee put the image of Kim in the last panel onto bags and it was a runaway success. But I was still unsure of saying what I thought out loud. I remember carrying my "I hate people" bag and turning the art to face my body as I carried the tote. Once, I was at a deli on Abbott Kinney in Venice and I saw a random woman carrying the same bag. I was too shy to go up to her and say hi. But the cashier noticed her bag and laughed. They laughed and shared with each other stories of how they hated people too. I was kind of surprised how that little comic struck a chord with so many people. I re-released this image onto a t-shirt because some of my fans were asking for it. I hope it makes people laugh, and starts a conversation about the things we hate to see in humanity, like yelling, nagging and guilt tripping. Stay angry. (Oh and thanks Mom!)