Angry Little Asian Girl

My mom's green muumuu

AANHPI, comicsLela Lee

My mom always wore a green muumuu. But when she was at work, she wore polyester pants and a pullover polyester blouse with padded slip on slippers that weren't quite slippers, more like a sturdy flip flop. I don't even know if they make that type of shoe anymore. But whenever she got home, she took off her work clothes and put on her green polka-dotted muumuu. It's this green muumuu that I remember my mom being the most herself. In her work clothes, she was in work-mode. Bossing her employees around and then smiling and being of service to her customers. She was running around, pressing, assembling, sorting and interfacing with her customers. But at home, in that muumuu, she was relaxed (more like grumpy) and truly herself. When readers of my comic see that the mother character is always in a green muumuu, they  ask if she really did wear that.  She did. I think that green muumuu was her go-to outfit for over 20 years, though I don't know where it is now, if I find it, I may have to start wearing it too. Here's to green muumuus and outfits that let you be you. Stay angry my friends.